Amigo Productions Re-launched!


Amigo Productions Re-launched!

Welcome to Amigo Productions new website!

For way too long, Amigo Productions’ website hasn’t met the quality standards of the company, and hasn’t reflected the strong emphasis the company has on design. With this new website and complete re-branding processes of Amigo Productions, that has changed.

A little bit of history..

Amigo Productions is owned by Daniel Futerman (myself), and was launched back in 2011 with a Photoshop tutorial which became the first in a series of eight in-depth tutorials, covering many different aspects and techniques in Photoshop.

Since 2011, many things have changed. In 2013 I became an author on Videohive which is part of Envato (a marketplace for creative assets), and started selling professional After Effects templates. Due to that, the company now focuses more on Motion Graphics.


What has changed?

The site has been rebuilt from ground up. Many hours have been spent on making sure the new website looks great, feels right, is easy to navigate, offers high quality After Effects templates, Photoshop tutorials and creative freebies.

Another very noticeable change is of course the company’s logo and color themes (I’ll have an in-depth post about the complete re-branding process in a few days).

Amigo productions LogoAmigo productions Logo


Let me know if you like the new logo in the comment section below!

And last but not least, the Freebie section. If you like freebies, you’ll be excited to hear that this year is going to be packed with awesome freebies for you to use in both personal and commercial projects!

How can you get updates of new releases?

That’s the easy part! Simply follow Amigo Productions on your favorite social network and you will never miss a thing. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youtube.

Download the special Re-launch Freebie!

As a small way to thank you for your loyalty during the years and to celebrate the re-branding and re-launch of the website, you’re welcome to download and use the new “Clean minimal logo flip reveal” intro template for use in both personal or commercial projects!

Clean Minimal Logo Flip Reveal Freebie

Share your thoughts..!

It would be great to hear what you guys think about the new website. Feel free to comment on anything to do with design, the new logo, navigation, ease of use or anything else that comes to your mind!

Looking forward to the exciting future ahead,


About the Author:

Full time Freelancer - Motion Graphics & Video Editing services. Owner at Amigo Productions.

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  1. James Hamer February 12, 2014 Reply

    The website looks awesome and I love the new logo!

    Things I really like:
    – The clean design
    – The homepage
    – The freebie 😉 Thanks…!

    One thing I noticed that might need improvement:
    – It looks like some of the “related posts” don’t have an image.. I don’t know if this is on purpose or not, but it would be more attractive and eye catching if they did have images..

    • Amigo Productions February 12, 2014 Reply

      Thanks James, really glad to hear you like it!

      Good point about the related posts, thanks for mentioning that.
      I’ve added a featured image to all the blog posts now 😉

  2. Zikit Team February 13, 2014 Reply

    We love the new logo and the whole re-branding of Amigo!
    It’s amazing how you guys are such a good listeners to your audience and knows exactly what they are looking for.
    Yep, seems Amigo has just joined our favorite list. Keep on doing great job!

    • Amigo Productions February 13, 2014 Reply

      Thanks @zikitteam:disqus, it’s great to hear you like Amigo’s re-branding!
      We highly value the feedback we get from our audience, so we’re really glad to hear your thoughts regarding that aspect 😉

  3. Shimón Yan February 14, 2014 Reply

    Wow! That’s the first word that came to mind when I saw your new website and logo!
    Very professional, very classy, very beautifull!
    I have worked with you before, and the results were excellent! More, much more than I ever expected!
    Looking forward to working with you again! My company is working on a major product, we will be in touch I’m sure!

    Keep up the good work! Succes!

    • Amigo Productions February 15, 2014 Reply

      Thanks Shimon, really great to hear your thoughts! Thanks for you kind words.
      It’s always a pleasure to work with you and I’m looking forward to our new project together!
      All the best, Daniel

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