App Promo Video Toolkit

App Promo Video Toolkit

Mobi is an After Effects template providing all the tools you need to easily create your own professional app promotion, commercial or how to use video.

This feature packed project includes 30 portrait and landscape scenes, 28 professional hand gestures and over 20 drag and drop animation setups – allowing you to select, mix and create your own custom made promo in no time!

The template also includes 3 unique ready made promos to save you time and energy! Simply drag and drop your App screens into the placeholders and you’re done.

Mobi features a one of a kind built-in control panel, providing quick access to all project settings and scenes. Save time and money with Mobi, the most feature packed toolkit, and create your own perfect app promo video today.

Mobi - Mobile App Promo Video Toolkit
  • 30 Portrait & Landscape scene setups
  • 28 Professional studio shot hand gestures
  • 20 unique animation setups
  • 3 Plug & play app promos
  • Built-in control panel
  • Full HD 1920X1080
  • 60 App Screen placeholder
  • iOS essential screens (notifications, incoming message, lock screen, home screen).
  • iPhone 6 (white gold, black, space gray)
  • Detailed PDF help file
  • No plugins required
  • This template comes with aan in-depth PDF help file.

    Google Video Template Sound Track
    Music tracks not included: Apple, Beach Chill Indie Rock, Rock The Party, Ambient.

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    Mobi App Promo Video Toolkit Gestures (After Effects Template)


    01 Gesture - Zoom in (Pinch Out)

    01 Gesture - Zoom Out (Pinch in)

    02 Gesture - Swipe Left X1

    02 Gesture - Swipe Left X2

    02 Gesture - Swipe Left X3

    02_2 Gesture - Swipe Left Two Fingers

    03 Gesture - Swipe Right X1

    03 Gesture - Swipe Right X2

    03 Gesture - Swipe Right X3

    03_2 Gesture - Swipe Right Two Fingers

    04 Gesture - Scroll Up X1

    04 Gesture - Scroll Up X2

    05 Gesture - Scroll Down X1

    05 Gesture - Scroll Down X2

    06 Gesture - Side Reveal

    06 Gesture - Side Reveal + Tap

    07 Gesture - Notification Full Reveal

    07 Gesture - Notification Reveal + Tap

    07 Gesture - Notification Small Reveal

    08 Gesture - Tap X1

    08 Gesture - Tap X2

    09 Gesture - Fingers Hold

    09 Gesture - Hand Up

    09 Gesture - Perfect

    09 Gesture - Thumbs Up Left

    09 Gesture - Thumbs Up Right

    09 Gesture - Victory

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